My name is Doug Kercher, PGA golf professional on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and married to Anne with a five year old son Sam.  

I have created this website to provide just about every answer to any question you have about the wonderful game of golf.  Enjoy my articles and blog posts as well as the mini course and if you are looking for something to take you to the next level of golf and help you reach your full potential, check out my golf manual described below.

I have been a PGA golf professional for almost 20 of the 40 years I have been playing golf.  I have been a low marker since I was a teenager and completed my PGA golf traineeship in Melbourne from 1991 to 1994 and previously obtained a Bachelor of Science from Monash University. After gaining my qualification I then taught at various golf ranges in Melbourne.  

From 1998 until 2004, I operated an indoor golf teaching studio and clubmaking facility in Camberwell where I taught 1,000 plus happy clients.  I have participated in the annual Royal Adelaide Golf School with Cameron Howell on three occasions and have run golf clinics for the PGA at various Pro Ams.

I moved to the Gold Coast in 2004 as I secured a golf teaching position with the Australasian Golf Academy at Royal Pines.  I then set up my own teaching business at Piggabeen Driving Range.  I am currently teaching golf freelance at various courses by taking clients for playing lessons and playing some senior tournaments.

As a devoted student of the game and the various methods used in golf, I have written a unique comprehensive golf improvement program over several years.  My golf program is like a self help workbook consisting of three parts, a manual, and two pocket books, a Training Diary and a Playing Record, that you can fill in yourself over three months to plan, track and analyse your game.  

I am in the process of building this website, to contain a comprehensive information source about every area of the game. I have been a very successful coach where students have seen rapid improvement.  In fact, I guarantee my methods when I take golfers on to the course for training.  

One 17yo improved from 24 to 1 in two years and is now a trainee professional and another 15yo has gone from 15 to 5 in the space of 6 months.  I am sure you will see some great improvement as you follow this blog.

I have played many PGA and senior events at golf courses all over Australia and in New Zealand and China.  If you ever visit the Gold Coast look me up, my email is dougkpga @

A Great Way To Improve Your Golf Game
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22 Part Golf Improvement Series

by PGA Pro Doug Kercher

This free mini-course is full of common sense, easy to do, yet little known strategies on how to lower your scores systematically week by week.

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