Hi, Today I thought I would discuss some new innovations that will help improve your golf game.  And it isn't overanalysis of swing technique by video. Both of them relate to the strategy of Playing Golf By Distance.

Ben Hogan was one of the first players to identify exactly how far he hit each club.  His philosophy was that as long as you had the correct distance you were never far from the flag. Ben Hogan was one of the pioneers of distance strategy.

The Play Golf By Distance category was further refined by Jack Nicklaus when he mapped out courses he would play in great detail, especially where the Majors were held, in the weeks before the tournaments. This task was delegated to caddies, and often one caddy would do the course and sell the pocket yardage books to the other caddies.

The caddy's job in club selection is to assess the map, the distance, the lie, the wind and his player's ability, mood and situation to recommend the correct club. Between the player and the caddy they then select the club and shot to play.

This strategy was further refined by Dave Pelz who applied the strategy to the wedge game and was used with great success by Tom Kite, who despite not being a long hitter, made the most birdies on Par 5s one year on the USPGA Tour because of his accurate wedge play.

So how can this strategy be implemented today. Ben Hogan took notes about his practice and paced the distances, as I guess jack Nicklaus did. Then caddies started using surveyor's wheels and then laser distance finders that are like binoculars. Now there are golf course maps in hand held devices that use GPS for distances and are also available as an application on a mobile phone.

For the player's information about the distances they hit with each shot and club, there are now monitors that read clubhead speed and ball speed to calculate the distance of a particular shot on the range. Golf Simulators and even mats that plug into a PC can give you reasonable info about the distances a golfer can hit, as well as information about clubhead path and clubface through impact.

The next task is to apply this information into a specific game plan for your ability and the course you are playing. In my pocket size Training Diary you can record the distances of the different shots you hit in a comprehensive table. You can use the Playing Record Game Tracker map templates to draw each hole on your course and plot a game plan. Then you can track each shot and analyse your stats.

A Great Way To Improve Your Golf Game
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