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It doesn't matter how much golf advice you get, you need to be able to apply it for yourself….. Pocket Size Training Diary Strategy Manual (210 pages) Pocket Size Playing Record

“This unique set of books is a whole new way to structure every part of your golf game, and record your progress as you improve for lower scores..…”

Gidday, My name is Doug Kercher, Australian PGA golf professional and I have been teaching golf for over 17 years and playing at a high level for a lot longer.

No matter what your current experience level and even if you have only have limited time to practice you can transform your game with the help of this unique and comprehensive Study Guide Manual with interactive charts and templates in the Training Diary and Playing Record written by myself, an experienced PGA Professional instructor.



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Isn’t golf a frustrating game at times? And most frustrating the more a particular round means to you. Like the day of the club championships, or the pro am, the corporate day with your boss or an important client.

Don’t you hate it when you are hitting the ball well and suddenly from nowhere, the loose shot comes along, turns into a disaster hole and ruins your round? Or you hit a great shot to the green and 3 putt from 15 feet? You are under a tree and hit a great shot, but it goes too high and clips a branch? Or you have hit a shot right on line only to see the ball come up short because you didn’t choose the right club?

If you are giving up easy shots, getting glimpses of the ability you know you possess but having to answer those "What if" questions at the end of the day…. To play well consistently you need to be confident that you have all parts of your game ready for the round. Even the best players, tour pros, low markers, and myself included, don’t hit every shot perfectly for the whole round. Even the top professionals have about 65% accuracy and these guys play and practice every day – it is their full time job.

So sure, the occasional and inevitable poor shot is going to happen to you because that is the nature of the game. But your recovery shots, short game shots and putting need to be tuned up ready to save you from the big number holes and convert the opportunities you set up into birdies and pars. And if you know your game well enough, you can begin to strategise better and avoid the situations that can potentially wreck your score.

What I am offering you is a way to build confidence in your game by systematically identifying your problem areas both in play and practice, and giving you the resources to improve or maintain each area of your golf. If you can improve just 10% in each of 12 areas of your game, what would that do to your overall score? What about just six areas, or even three areas?

I Am Leaving The Outrageous Claims At The Clubhouse…

I’d be a fool, and you would be a bigger fool to believe me, if I told you your game could change overnight without any effort on your part. But this program will give you shortcuts to the end result of consistently lower scores with less effort and less time, perhaps even going on to win some tournaments.

The program will motivate you to get better and give you a workable plan to suit your level of ability and time availability. It will help you with little known and common sense strategies and fundamentals so you can schedule, plan, record and analyse your practice and play. You can work closer with your coach (or me if you prefer) by giving you accurate feedback of your progress on and off the course.

Like any other challenge in life, golf improvement requires clear goals, honest assessment, finding the right information, changing the approach to some areas, committing to the changes, learning, practicing and applying them, and persistence…

…If you're up to the challenge, then read on because this letter will outline the most practical solutions ever presented to you about golf because you will be the one discovering them for yourself. There are no startling so called secrets or wild claims, no preferred method that claims to be better than those of other sincere and passionate golf teachers, just a logical plan that you put together by yourself, or with the help of your own trusted coach or myself.

Imagine how good it would be if you………

Started to improve faster than you thought possible?
C ould put all that golfing advice into a clear and organized plan to take you to the breakthroughs in improvement that you want?
Found the motivation to really stick to a realistic practice schedule that measured your results?
Were able to implement better ways to play and practise to bring your game to a higher level and stay there?
Could prevent blowouts in your scores by having all the parts of your game working together day after day, week after week?
Discovered where your shots were leaking away and stopped the inconsistencies in your game?
Were able to develop and maintain all the shots and strategies to make your game more effective and efficient?
Could make a consistent effort toward your golf even with all the day to day commitments you have?
Had a defined plan of action to address the direction of your game and found the time to implement it?
Practised with a clear purpose and it really produced the results you desire?
 Could find effective ways to practise at home or at the office?
Were the one to come in with better scores than others regardless of the conditions?
Became one of those players who make the game look easy and have a consistency that you could produce time after time?
 Joined the 11% of golfers who regularly break 80, and if you do, start to shoot par or better on a regular basis?
Didn’t have to keep looking for the perfect driver or set of clubs because you knew it was the Indian, not the arrow (think of the money you would save if the clubs you used now gave you better results)?

Do you want all the areas of your game working together at a consistent level … think about what that would do for your scores (and your opponents) – the sense of self satisfaction you would have.

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Well Now You Can….. Like any other challenge in life, golf improvement requires clear goals, honest assessment, finding the right information, changing the approach to some areas, committing to the changes, learning, practising and applying them, and analysing them to see if they are taking you forward.

With over 30 years of golf and 17 years as a golf pro, I have seen many golfers who have so much ability but struggle to consistently play to their handicap, let alone play off single figures. To reach your potential in golf, you have to be able to master all the different areas of golf, and a lot of golfers are good at some parts but not all.  The secret to scoring is to get a balance between full swing technique and the scoring shots, chips, pitches, bunkers inside the 100 metre zone and of course putting. Then there is planning game, hole and shot strategies and the analysis of practice and play that can often reduce scores quickly and dramatically without complicated technique changes.

There are hundreds of other golf books and hundreds of ways to play golf successfully, but I couldn't find one that allowed golfers to plan and get feedback for themselves and their instructor. So I sat down to answer all the questions a golfer might have about consistency and reaching the next level of golf. I came up with a plan with all the keys to find out how the student was going in practice and play so we could target the problem areas while maintaining the areas we had worked on. So the program has many charts and templates provided to fill in and work through at your own pace. As you do, you will make steady and permanent progress. And if you work your plan, the plan will work for you no matter what your current experience level, age or ability, because it will be just right for you. One of my friends said he didn’t think he could be bothered filling out these simple charts. Well, I guess he can remember things like how far he hits a Pitching Wedge with a full swing, three quarter swing and half swing, or how far a putt goes with a 6 inch or 12 inch backswing. (By the way, if you don’t know why this information is important, I explain it fully in the Book). I guess that’s one of the reasons why he hasn’t improved as much as I know he can. A little bit about me and the plan… I guess you are a lot like me if you play golf seriously. And like me, you enjoy the challenge as much as the rewards. The frustrations of a golfer are many… but now can be resolved with years of intensive information packed into my new triple Ebook program. I have just started playing the Australian Senior Tour beginning last year, 2006. I have worked with thousands of clients and mentored younger PGA pros. I have won gold medals in the golf tournaments at Master’s Games and many prizes and trophies over the years and as an amateur and a pro. Any mistakes I made I have analysed, researched, solved and documented. It is the result of years of this process that has gone into this program. And you get the benefits of these shortcuts to the golfing problems and challenges we all come up against. Golf – The Perfect Plan For Practice and Play is a three part program of ready to go, fill in the blanks, pre-made and pre-tested toolkit of golf specific spreadsheets, templates, schedules, records, analysis charts put together carefully into a 12 Week Training Diary and Playing Record. A comprehensive Manual explains how to use these workbooks and helps you set your goals, assess your strengths and problem areas, manage your practice time, systemise your improvement and provide an easy solution for what would take you countless hours and dollars to compile, test, measure and implement. I have painstakingly put together 210 pages of solid golf strategies and 77 different charts that are designed to help you personally create your own improvement plan. Your success is ensured if you use any or all of these powerful tools and strategies, just choose the ones you need and the ones you have time for. When you are happy with one area, just move on to the next one. Work with your coach or by yourself and I’ll be happy to offer support by email. Unlike other golf books which usually cover just one topic: full swing, short game, putting, mental game etc. the Golf – Your Perfect Plan program is designed to take you from any level to your goals in a step by step manner with templates and charts that measure and track your progress all the way. The Manual is designed to be referred to time and time again, as there is a summary in the margin of each page and a summary at the end of each chapter. It contains step by step instructions on how to use the pocket size Training Diary and Playing Record so you can get accurate feedback in every area for you or your coach to review and plan the next step so you get to your full potential. This program includes all the tools you need in order to take your game to the next level. You can hand pick the strategies you want to use first so you can start working on the areas of most need right away.

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Here is what all the charts in the Training Diary and Playing Record can do for your golf game, your partner or your team: You will see … • How you can get more confidence in the direction you are taking with your game because you will have your scoring goals broken down into steps you can implement, which in turn will start the process of lower scores … (I will show you how). • How to become more motivated because you will look forward to trying to beat your personal best every time you practice and play. • How to schedule and plan preparation for your important events for the year so you perform well in them. • How you can play with the people who are good for your game. • How to make improvements in several areas of your game which add up to an overall improvement in scoring ability.

• How to outline the required areas of your game so you can estimate your ability in each area and then accurately assess these skills so you don’t miss any weaknesses that you can focus on in the future.

• That you will have a very clear sequence of learning so you can build your game from the easiest to more difficult areas or the weakest areas to the strongest.

Case Study 1

After looking at the types of practice activities I could do at home, or even in the car, I have found another two hours each week to practice. That’s just 20 minutes a day.

I do 10 minutes of short putting at home on the carpet every second day, and 10 minutes of swing practice in front of the mirror on the alternate days. I can do five minutes of hand and arm drills in the car while stopped at lights, and another five visualizing my pre-shot routine. Before I play, I use the charts to plot my game plan and record my shots during the round so I can analyse them after. I am much more confident going out to play and more motivated to find time to hit the range once or twice per week. Of course I can’t forget reading the Manual to find more techniques and tips to fit into my plan.

• How to make the most of your lessons, tell your pro your specific goals, take notes in the Training Diary and practice the drills and shots assigned to you in between sessions. More importantly, you can go back to your instructor with specific feedback.

• Exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are in your own game which will help you target your practice to the most important areas. • How to make time for different practice strategies in every area of the game, no matter if they are at the range, home or office.

• How to implement the program even on a time poor budget to ensure that you want to play more often because you can’t wait to see how the improvements reflect on your scorecard and competition results.

• How all the blank forms in your Training Diary and Playing Record develop into an easy to follow 12 week plan. • How to fully develop your practice schedule so you can improve your game at any venue, home, backyard, local park, driving range or golf course. And the best part is you don't need to be at the range every day to improve your game.

Case Study 2

”I had a goal to get to single figures. Reading Doug’s book made me realize how unbalanced my approach was – I had a goal but no plan.

The majority of my time had been spent at the range, trying to groove my swing. Every round seemed different, one area would fall apart, then move onto the next like dominoes falling over and I would lose my whole game. Taking the skill tests and analyzing my rounds in more detail helped me identify the weak areas of my game so I could improve those, while still maintaining my strengths.”

• How you can get a fully balanced game and you will know what to do in any situation you come across on the golf course. • How to develop new shots, practice them and execute them on the course. • How to create a range of shots that you can rely on that you can play under pressure situations. • A little known yet vitally important strategy table to capture current information about your shots that can translate into successful shots on course time and time again, especially in the scoring zone of under 100 metres. • How to implement an effective play by distance strategy by finding out the distances you hit your clubs with both your full swing and partial swings (more specifically with your wedges). • How to develop a short game strategy to help you recover from poor shots, and prevent those blowout holes. • How you can record the results of your shots in practice so you know your risk factor when attempting shots on the course and then knowing the shots you have complete confidence in. • How to have a total selection system for drills, training aids and practice routines for all parts of the game ensuring you are practicing efficiently to fix any problems.

Case Study 3 "I had never thought of working out how far I hit with my chips and pitch shots. Now I don’t guess when I have a shot like a half wedge from about 50 metres to the green. Instead of wondering if I have got the right club and how hard I had to hit the shot, I just pick the swing and club suitable for the shot and I know it will get me on the green if I make a smooth swing."
• How to be able to concentrate on achieving the best result for each shot whether on the course or off the course and not worry about the pressure of the situation.

• How ten minutes before and after your game will help lower your scores and save strokes the next time you play when you plan and analyse your round. • How easy it is to design a game plan layout of your course and use it to accurately track your game of golf in a pocket book, no more trying to remember what happened on the 7th hole the day after your round to fill in your stats sheet.

• How to make better future strategy decisions from the results of your rounds of golf and implement these into your practice.

• How to ensure you can source the best golfing information on the internet and in your area.

• How to graph your golf stats so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your game all of the time and to know where it is and where it is going.

• How to track each part of your overall game performance by rating each different part.

Case Study 4 "The first thing I started, (the very next day after I downloaded the program) was the game plan idea using the course charts. Since I put that in place I realize that I don’t have to try and hit every shot as far as I can, I can play within myself to my own targets and my own personal par. I am spending a lot less time in the trees, bunkers and water … this really works, thanks."
• That you begin to get favorable comments from your golfing partners and get asked to play in better competitions and get invites to better courses.

• You will feel less stressed at golf as your developing skills and strategies will be producing better shots more consistently. • You will be able to play with important clients, your boss and better players without any fear of embarrassment because of your new found consistency. • How to play your golf far more confidently which will allow you to cut strokes off your game week by week. You will discover the systems that will drive your golf performance to success for more achievements and satisfaction.

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Questions And Answers


I haven't got a lot of time right now to read this amount of information, can you get to the point and tell me how your website will help me?

A. Well, I have put together quite a unique way to improve your golf through helping you practise efficiently and analyse your scoring accurately. You end up with a step by step, week by week plan for practice and play that is exactly what you need for your own special situation.

Q. Well, who are you? If I wanted to improve I can learn from Tiger Woods, or his coach, or his ex-coach. Or get one of the many books or dvd’s explaining how Ben Hogan hit the ball, or any advice from a top tour player or their coaches, so why should I listen to you?

A. Even if you already have, or want to learn great technique to hit the ball further and straighter and more consistently, do they or did they give you any way of incorporating the instruction into your game? There is a lot more to scoring than hitting great shots. Even tour pros don’t hit every shot perfectly on a regular basis, so they have a lot of other strings to their bow. This program will show you how to systematically build a balanced game.

Q. Such as? Are you saying that you have something better than all the 1000’s of golf books already on the market?

A. I have a large library of golf books that I regularly read and research and I still look for other books and teaching approaches. I would say just about every book written on golf contains some valuable and sincere information. I know my approach to technique is a combination of moves explained by different players and coaches. Every book I read I think, "but there is also this and this or this could be explained a little better." What I have observed over many years watching other players is that they could shoot a lot better scores with the game they already have. They just need a system to make sure they find the right information and practise effectively with the amount of time they have available.

Q. But you don’t know me, my game or my specific problems.

A. Yes, but you do. And I can help you find out exactly what they are so you can become your own best coach, and also become a student that any coach could teach faster because you have the right information as to where you need help. Q. I already have a golf coach, I really think you need to see someone in person to with my golf. A. I agree, that is the ideal situation. However, by going through this program you can go to your coach and give him detailed information about your game so you can pinpoint the exact areas to work on. In addition, you will have a way to practice consistently any drills, exercises or shotmaking tasks that you are given. If your coach hasn't provided you with such a detailed plan, this can really help both of you with your game.

Here Are All The Topics Covered In Golf: Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play:

Goal Setting Set golfing goals in every area, scoring, competition, targets, technique, time management and practice.
Learning Approaches Attitude, finding good information, applying the information, step by step approach, profiling.
Fundamentals Basic fundamentals set out step by step covering all areas of the game, full swing to short game, putting, shotmaking, mental skills, course management, fitness and equipment.
Skill Assessment Subjective assessment and skill testing for accurate feedback.
Practice Ideas For setup, mechanics, drills, training aids, ball striking, target practice, distances, shotmaking, short game, on course practice.
Time Management Assessment of practice habits, finding time to practice, balancing practice each 3 months, each month and each week.
Practice Sessions Templates for full swing, short game, putting, bunkers, overall, simulated game play, detailed feedback results sheet for full swing and short game practice.
Practice Places Practice ideas for home, local, range or on course.
Before play Warming up and game plan.
During play Shot plans and staying in control, routines.
Game Assessment Keeping accurate stats with the exclusive Shot Tracker Maps and interpretation charts.
Easy to Use 12 Week Training Diary and 21 Game Playing Record in both pocket size and A4 desktop size so you can use them where you need them.

Plus much more….. Note: Golf – Your Perfect Plan for Practice and Play has been written in an eBook form (.exe) file for PC. The Training Diary and Playing Record are in a PDF format so you will need a PDF reader like the one at Adobe. They have all been zipped into a single file for quicker download that is verified virus and spy ware free and is compatible to Windows 95/98/2000, Me and XP.

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My Lifetime of Golfing Education Is Yours Risk Free With the information included in the 210 page Manual, and the fill in the blanks pocket size and desktop Training Diaries and Playing Records, you will be able to find more time to practise, save wasted time spent on fruitless practice and save dollars in lessons as you will be practising more effectively. So…what would you pay for such a comprehensive package…… if you could find one, and to be honest, I couldn't find anyone else out there at all with a package in this unique format and so full of these benefits. Most of other providers of golfing information either have a book or e-book specifically written for one or two subjects like the golf swing, mental approach or short game. And even if the information is interactive, they don’t come with the convenience of pocket size books you can use when you are actually practising anywhere or playing on the course and set out in a timetable so you can follow your plan easily. Now here is the best news of all. You are just in time to take advantage of this unprecedented offer. Many of my friends who have seen the information and the time I have put into this project have said I should be charging up to $200 for the package. If you were looking over my shoulder and saw the work and time put into this project, you would probably agree with me. But because my costs are reduced so much by marketing this package online with savings on printing and delivery, I am going to test this theory and pass on the savings to you. I have some FREE Bonuses When You Order… However, it's yours totally risk-free for a great price of only $77.00. That's over a 50% discount off the recommended retail price, and you will get so much valuable information out of the package it will pay for your investment many times over, or you can return it for my 100% money back guarantee. Now…I want you to get the best value for money so what I will be offering are the following FREE bonuses. I am going to include with your Golf – Your Perfect Plan For Practice and Play Manual, two formats of the 12 Week Training Diary and 21 Game Playing Record, a Play By Distance method with special club shaft labels and a reusable Home Course Shot Tracker Map. I have designed them myself and used them with many of my students. You will only find them on this site or with an exclusive affiliate. In addition, I will provide access to my membership site, support and upgrades for 6 months. Here is what you get for FREE when you order:

Bonus # 1 2 x 12 Week Training Diaries 12 week Training Diary includes all the charts set out month by month, week by week, session by session. There is a pocket book for convenience AND an A4 desktop version. You can reprint the program as many times as you like.Valued at $20.00 each
Bonus # 2 2 x 21 Game Playing Records 21 Game Playing Record includes Scaled Hole Maps where you draw the layout, make your game plan and track every shot. There are also time saving Short Game Charts if you don't want to track every shot of a round. There is a debriefing page to summarise the round and note future strategies. Also provided are performance graphs to track progress over time.Valued at $20.00 each
Bonus # 3 Play By Distance With Club Labels One of the easiest ways to improve your score is to “play by distance” because if you know how you hit each club with a certain swing, you can hit the ball to a green, lay up short of trouble, carry a water hazard etc. But do you know all the distances you hit your clubs with different swings, from chipping to full swing? This little kit has tables to help you work out this information and have it handy on your golf bag. In addition, special labels with this info can be taped to the shaft of each club.Valued at $20.00
Bonus # 4 Course Map Shot Tracker An A4 Course Shot Tracker Map you can print, permanently outline your home course (or print again to use for other courses) and laminate so you can record your game with an erasable marker. Transfer the results to your Playing Record later if you wish and wipe clean after use.Valued at $20.00
Bonus # 5 Program Upgrades Free upgrades of the books. I really don't know if I can make this program any better after all the work I have put into it, but when I do find anything new and valuable I will add it to the book and send it to you free.Valued at ?
Bonus # 6 6 Months Access to Membership Site and Blog This includes videos, extra advice, case studies, commentary on the game, new products and innovations and a blog.Valued at $60.00 (much more in real terms)
Bonus # 7 Support I will provide support for any questions you have about the program and your golf for 6 months. This will give you a chance for me to help you through your first 3 months and then refine your program for the next 3 months.Value – Priceless
Easy to implement…

"What a great bundle of golfing tools, it has helped me in so many ways to organize my golf game and practice strategies. It's a full package that is easy to implement and all I have to do is follow the practice outlines I choose and track my game. The free bonuses really help implement the plan. I can see the incredible amount of work that has gone into this program…. thanks Doug"

Now I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase so what I will be giving you is an unconditional 100% total money back guarantee within 56 days. You can request a refund within 8 weeks/56 days if you are not satisfied for any reason. I want you to know that when you order Golf – Your Perfect Plan For Practice and Play, it is entirely at my risk. There is absolutely no risk on your part. Like every investment that you make you want some type of protection or guarantee that the product is going to work or perform to the way you think it will. That's why I stand behind the product and services I provide with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, very simply here's how it works: If within 56 days or 8 weeks of purchasing the program you are not totally satisfied I will provide you with 100% of your money back, no questions asked. You can download today and start using the Plan tonight and you have a full 56 days to try it out.

I want you to feel absolutely certain there is no way you can "get taken". After all, I am a respected golf professional in the PGA and my reputation is at stake, so I want you to feel 100% confident that I stand behind what I sell. Is that fair enough?

OK, let's get down to business, you are now probably thinking this right now: "This looks like a very good deal! The bonuses alone are worth the cost of the product and they're free even if I get a refund… so the worst case scenario is that I get a refund and keep all of these awesome free bonus gifts! And the whole package as well. That makes this a no brainer!" I have put everything together to make one totally original awesome golf improvement package so that you have no risk whatsoever. One last thing… FREE updates to the package. One more added bonus… I am going to be providing you with all the updates to Golf – Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play. You will get every FREE update to the package that I make. What that means to you is that when I add any new information to the package you will get those updates for FREE. So think about that, you pay a one time fee only but you get the updates for ever. That’s the benefit of delivering information via the internet. With Golf – Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play, you will be able to systemise your golf in the best way to suit your unique circumstances. It will give you the tools to get to the level of golf you know you can be at in less time and more productively. Ok…. so lets quickly recap on what you will receive by investing in the purchase of Golf – Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play.

Product What You Get Investment Order Button
Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play And Bonuses (Pocket Books, Play By Distance, Spreadsheets) Everything (see below) $77
Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play Summary Manual An Intro To The Package $17
Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Practice Practice Strategies And 12 Week Training Diary $37
Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Play Play Strategies And 21 Game Playing Record $37
Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play – Free Gift First 3 Chapters Free Click Here to Download Golf – The Perfect Plan Gift Version A4

Golf- Your Perfect Plan For Practice And Play Full Package 212 page Manual 1 Pocket Size 12 Week Training Diary 1 A4 Desktop 12 Week Training Diary 1 Pocket Size 21 Game Playing Record 1 A4 Desktop 21 Game Playing Record Play By Distance Kit with Worksheet and Labels Course Shot Tracker Map Free Upgrades 6 Months Access to my Membership Site and Blog 6 Months Support All for just $77.00. Thanks for your interest and all the best for your golfing future. Doug Kercher, PGA Golf Professional, Gold Coast, Australia. Blog – www.dougkerchergolf.com/wordpress Bartercard, BBX, Platinum Traders, A to Z Barter and Empire Trade Customers Please Click Here P.S. With golf, the longer you wait the more likely your game is likely to stay the same, so there's no point postponing doing something about it, go and get your credit card and order securely now through Clickbank, click here now. You'll have your download in a few minutes and you can start transforming your game. It is guaranteed to zero in on exactly the steps you need to take in order to reduce your scores. You could have a lot lower handicap within a very short time! P.P.S. Six months later, when golf is still causing you to throw away the shots that are costing you, don't say "What if I had bought that program, I wonder if it would have worked". Look at it this way, $77 is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you could waste on clubs, lessons, and practice balls if you don't have a workable plan. And you have a guarantee that I will take the risk for you if for some unlikely reason you don't think it will work for you. Privacy Policy Doug Kercher has a commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information. If you have received a mailing from us then your email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future ("opt-in"), or you have previously purchased or expressed interest in our products or services. We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information and to contracted service providers for purposes of providing services relating to our communications with you. Each email sent contains an easy, automated way for you to cease receiving email from us, or to change your details. If you wish to do this, simply follow the instructions at the end of any email.

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