For golfers who are in South East Queensland or Northern NSW, I am available for personal or group golf instruction.

My teaching style is a little different in that I mainly teach where you play, on the course, 3 to 5 hours at a time.  Why get a drip feed program of half hour lessons one or two weeks apart and learn the painfully slow way. After getting an overview of your game and when you have the whole picture of how to score in golf with all the different shots you need, it then makes sense to get further help on specific areas of the game at a range.

I simply take you through your game, one part at a time on each hole from putting, chipping, punching, pitching, lob shots and bunker shots through to the full swing.  My instruction is simple and precise and works right before your eyes in each area of your game.

This method works really well with one or two others as well, and keeps the cost of the lessons down.

My playing lessons are fully guaranteed.  If you are not happy, you keep your money in your pocket, that’s right, you don’t pay.  I take full responsibility for your improvement.

Why not book  a time and course of your choice on the Gold Coast or Brisbane or Northern New South Wales soon.

3 Hour Playing Lesson $270 (Green fees and Cart Fees extra and vary according to Golf Course charges).

5 Hour playing lesson $400  (Green fees and Cart Fees extra and vary according to Golf Course charges).

Discount available for groups of 2 or 3.

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