Hi Doug, Thanks for your email and thanks for the time you spent with me at the practice range. I enjoyed all the info you gave me. That is how I like to work. Get all the info and then start at the beginning. We think alike. I went out the next day to work on the drills you gave me. It is a different feel, and when I get it all working together in the correct sequence, it feels incredibly good. Less effort and more distance. I am doing the drills every day. As soon as I finish the junior tournaments I’ll be back for a consistent series of lessons. I’ll keep in touch.
– Regards Ron Baddeley (Aaron’s Dad).

Doug, I thought you might like to know that at long last I was able to put it all together on Wednesday and win the comp at Green Acres with plus 6. This equated to a net 62 (CCR is currently 69 with some course alterations) or 43 points if playing stableford. So now I know I can do it but the next challenge is to keep doing it! Thanks for your help and best wishes for 2004.
– Keith Wehl
Hi Doug, Just thought you’d like to know, I had a hit at Albert Park today. Best I’ve ever done there before was 89. Today I shot 80 (45 pts). Mishit the odd shot, missed the odd putt, so I know I can do better yet ; but the changes to my swing to date are definitely helping ! (So I won’t be coming in to demand a refund).
– Cheers Adrian Jackson
Hi Doug, Some feedback for you. I’ve had four lessons with you now. The most recent lesson before Christmas we hit balls for the first time. When I started with you I was off 23 at the National. On Friday I played all 3 courses in one day. I won the comp on the Moonah (40 points), came 4th on the Old Course (37 points) and 3rd on the Ocean course (40 points). I have been brought in from 21 to 18 and I still believe I do not have a true understanding of the swing. I’m looking forward to learning the swing properly then the rest of the game because I wiped at least four holes in bunkers. I’m looking forward to the Friday lesson.
– Thanks, Andrew Cester, CEO Whirlwind Communication

Doug, I played in monthly medal at Metro on Saturday which is something I normally avoid. After 9 holes (we played the back 9 first)I thought I was a big chance with my 19 handicap. I had 42 which included pars on 14,15 and 18 and one double bogey on 13. On the front nine I took an 8 on the par 4 third after a terrible drive that went less than 100 metres into scrub. I bounced back with a birdie on 4 and was fine until the par 3 7th where I ran up another 8 after a terrible drive into scrub, a left hand shot, an unplayable lie and finally 3 putts. All in all it was quite encouraging. A regular playing partner said my lob wedge pitching inside 40 metres was hugely improved. Basically I am really happy with my 8 irons – lob wedge and my rescue iron. I am hitting the odd really good drive and fairway wood but most of my problems are off the tee.
– Best regards, Ted Robson, Authorised Representative, Strategic Capital Management Ltd

When I started with Doug my scores were typically in the range 100 to 110. I now score in the range 90 to 100 and recently broke 90 for the first time. I have had lessons from several golf professionals over 10 years and Doug is easily the best teacher I have encountered.
– Graeme Peddle.

I have found Doug to present himself with the highest professionalism. His expert advice and ability to communicate on the highest level has helped me in my quest to not only play consistently, but to also improve my current handicap of 9. Having had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with Doug I am sure he has the capability to play at the highest level in addition to his sound understanding of the fundamentals of golf.
– Paul Fulton.

Nick and I are impressed with Doug’s politeness and encouraging attitude to all visitors to the range. His enormous skills together with his down to earth teaching abilities left us in no doubt to choose Doug as our teacher.
– Noel Jones.
After four lessons with two other golf professionals none of them made a difference to my game the way you did after just one lesson. The way you summarised the complete swing in just a few simple steps was fantastic. I was surprised at how I was hitting the ball so sweetly and so much further with no extra effort.
– Jim Makris.

Over three months I had three lessons with Doug and as a result took approximately 10 shots off my game. His greatest attributes are his ability to simply explain some of the theoretical aspects of golf and also his ability to provide appropriate drills to rectify specific swing faults. Doug’s work on analysing your golf game and taking shots off your round is also an area of golf tuition that I found extremely beneficial.
– David Machell.

Around three years ago I decided to take up golf and thanks to Doug’s teaching skills I am now shooting scores in the 70’s.
– Steve Brown.

Doug has been a great help to me assisting in reducing my handicap by some five strokes within a month and helping to keep it from returning. Doug has the ability to communicate clearly and motivate, two traits I believe vital in a teacher of any subject.
– Graeme Lockhart.

I always found Doug to be very attentive to my golfing problems. I feel that he instructed me very well and his outlines were brilliant in their simplicity to understand and practice. I also had a 9 hole playing lesson which was a very innovative idea and extremely useful to be shown pre-shot routines, putting, chipping and bunker shots and many more facets of the game you do not learn from “Driving Range lessons”.
– Stephen Milkeraitis.

Doug’s professional attitude toward his instruction has been of great benefit to my confidence and overall performance. I have the utmost faith in his teaching ability, underpinned by a sound knowledge of all facets of the game of golf.
– Andrew Jenkins.

Doug takes a real and genuine interest in my progress. He creates confidence and has a special talent in imparting golfing techniques which I can comprehend and implement. What I have found great are the tools he provides to use when playing, simple procedures I can revert to when all is not going well.
– Trevor Morris.

Your constructive criticisms and technical advice has already had a significantly positive impact on my own achievements. – John Noble.
Doug was very patient, very clear and concise with his teaching methods. His manner was both professional and encouraging. I was most impressed with his teaching of a very difficult and frustrating game.
– John Alessi.

Thanks for straightening out a couple of kinks in my game. I now consistently hit straight down the middle. Naturally it has had a marked effect on my scoring. I appreciated the fact that you spent more time on my lessons than you were paid to. – Wayne Bennett.
I have derived real value from my lessons to date. It is important to be coached by someone you can relate to. – John Trembath.
I have found Doug to operate in a highly professional manner and I found his coaching to be both educational and enjoyable. Doug’s enthusiasm for the game is infectious.
– Colin MacDonald.

Doug has shown an impressive ability to communicate the fine points of technique in a way which becomes understandable to the golf layman. I have had other lessons but could not establish a solid satisfactory technique until I had a lesson with Doug. He has a tremendous capacity to communicate with his pupils and to put himself in their shoes. On a personal level, Doug is exceptionally easy to communicate with. He is very friendly and makes you feel at ease and makes you feel comfortable in asking questions during the lesson.
– John Zarris.

I have found Doug to be an extremely competent tutor. My golf game has improved greatly and I owe this increase in ability purely to Doug’s training. His directions are clear and concise and along with a friendly manner, Doug is an extremely affable person. I have gained an extraordinary amount of technique and skill with Doug as my instructor.
– Ray Marsland.

In my opinion Doug has complete knowledge of the golf swing as it is today and is very keen that his pupils benefit from his coaching. His enthusiasm for the game gives others the incentive to improve.
– Malcolm Elms.

After my first lesson I felt quite encouraged and excited at the prospect of seeing my game improve significantly. I have every confidence in Doug’s qualitites as a teacher and an appreciation of his desire to understand and assist any person desirous of improving his or her game.
– David Llewellyn.

I have been keen and looked forward to attending my lessons. I was happy and beginning to make real improvement in my golf. I love to hit golf balls. I have fun at my golf lesson.
– Stephen Lewis (10).

I have read many, many golf books and quite often some of the “greats” contradict themselves, but whenever I have pointed this out to you, you are able to explain why they say and do what they do and then it becomes clear. Your advice is obviously motivated by your desire to reach out your hand in friendship, you care about other people, it’s not the almighty dollar that drives you but your love for your neighbour and the game. Please never stop teaching, this world needs people with your gift and ability to pass on knowledge. – Paul Balchin and Joe Cervi.


Doug thank you for making the effort tonight That was one of the best sessions I have ever been involved in……. YES even better than the 8 hr session I had with a touring pro coach and that included 5 hrs on course with her and 2 pro’s.
I have never had the swing explained to me in a more simplers way….. understanding that the pros did teach me some of the things in your explanation but it all clicked after that session tonight. Again Thank you for giving up your time.

Thanks for your free swing advice. I’ve only ever had 2 lessons and you explained things in a way that got my attention. I have to admit I doubted what you were saying initially, but I guess the proof is in the pudding. At your suggestion, I re-read Tiger’s book last night and he certainly does get into very similar positions to what you were talking about. Especially with regard to keeping the hands and arms in front of the chest on the back swing. I’ve always known that was my biggest swing flaw (ie. fanning the clubhead open and behind the plane, then lifting to a “normal” top-of-swing position ) and I am actually interested now to try and tackle it with some new tips! It certainly enables a greater shoulder turn, combined with a repeatable position at the top. I was surprised to see just how much stronger my iron shots were after trying the new technique. I have never really lacked for length, but now I see just how much room there is for improvement. And God knows, I could certainly use more consistency. Thanks again mate!

I couldn’t agree more, with MTB, Onewood and Brisvegas. Dougk explained the golf swing in such a good simple way and it was easy because we now know the right positions to get into and the motions required to get into a simple powerful backswing, with noticeably faster SS because of it…. GO SEE DOUG NOW, you won’t regret it…

Finally you all see the light with dougs teaching! I still believe he is the most undiscovered coach in Australia.
Ben, I would have to agree with you I must admit I was one of the believers right from the start and I wasn’t disappointed…..
It only takes one visit and travel if you have to but get there ASAP and get your game on track.

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